About us

Xenix Film Distribution Ltd. was founded in 1996. We select films carefully, considering contents and aesthetics as well as a balanced selection.

We have chosen works of social concern such as the films by the Dardenne brothers (ROSETTA - Palme d'Or 1999 and L'ENFANT - Palme d'Or 2005) or Courtney Hunt’s FROZEN RIVER, as well as thoroughly stylized works like the science-fiction cult film MOON, the social satire AMERICAN PYSCHO, the Spanish silent movie BLANCANIEVES or the Argentine Oscar prize winner EL SECRETO DE SUS OJOS. Small, exquisite films like the Israeli situational comedy THE BAND'S VISIT or the complex Argentine coming-of-age story XXY are equally part of our programme as the Australian thriller LANTANA, the powerful imagery of the family dramas THE BANISHMENT and ELENA by the Russian past master Andrei Zvyagintsev or the comedies NON PENSARCI with Valerio Mastandrea, PRANZO DI FERRAGOSTO by and with Gianni di Gregorio and 2 DAYS IN PARIS / 2 DAYS IN NEW YORK by and with Julie Delpy. But we not only range all over the globe. Swiss films are included as well, for example Stefan Haupt’s SAGRADA – EL MISTERI DE LA CREACIO, Eric Bergkraut’s ROOM 202 – PETER BICHSEL IN PARIS or the successful documentaries BERGAUF BERGAB, THE CHILDREN OF MOUNT NAPF and DIE WIESENBERGER.

One look at our current program shows: Our films are not run-of-the-mill, but made with conviction and commitment, original films that entertain and provide food for thought. Our company distributes some fifteen films every year. This guarantees a careful and painstaking launch in the German, French and Italian speaking areas of Switzerland.